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 The Elements of An Invitation Ensemble

 Enclosures are all small cards included with the invitation, such as reception cards, at-home cards, map cards and response cards.

Inner Envelopes reflect a tradition dating back when invitations were personally delivered, and therefore left unsealed,  In time, as letters were delivered by postal carriers, the unsealed envelopes were inserted in larger envelopes that could be sealed.  Unglued flaps and a slightly smaller size distinguishes your inner envelope from your outer envelope.

Outer Envelopes are  distinguished by their larger size and glued flap,  Use formal etiquette and lovely penmanship when addressing your outer envelope.

Addressing Envelopes

Inner Envelopes

Outer Envelopes

Single Outer Envelopes
If you have selected an invitation that does not include an inner envelope or choose not to use your inner envelope to reduce mailing costs, you may follow traditional addressing rules for outer envelopes or create a new way that works best for you.

Folding Invitations

Assembling The Invitation

After the invitation is folded, the reception card is always placed next to the invitation with the other enclosures in front of that.  Insert all enclosures with the printed side up.

Stuffing Envelopes

Mailing Invitations

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