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Hi Lano!! Your testimonials made me decide to order from Discount-Invitations and I wanted to add my comments also!! The wedding invitations arrived right on time and it was the easiest process ever!! They are beautiful and perfect!! I will definitely recommend you to anyone!! Do you think you could make my wedding dress search just as easy? LOL !!!

Discount Invitations made the impossible happen. Getting Invitations for my wedding that would have cost me more to make myself. We were very happy with the invitations as were our families. I am going to be referring to everyone. I wouldn't suggest going anywhere else. I like not having to talk to a recording. Again, thank you and we wish you success in your future endeavors.

Come shop our 4000 Wedding and reception accessories Appreciated not having to give my credit card number online. Was surprised to get a call for that number. Lano was very friendly and prompt. Was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it all went. I had never ordered anything online before.       More Testimonials

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